Angels Are Everywhere. What They Are, Where They Come From, by Karen Romano Young PDF

By Karen Romano Young

ISBN-10: 1416997687

ISBN-13: 9781416997689

WHAT they're, the place they arrive FROM, AND WHAT THEY DO

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THOMAS AQUINAS blame. In a period called the Inquisition, suspects were called into church courts and examined carefully for signs that they had been taken over by the devil. Those who seemed “possessed” were condemned to death. Birth of Science. Then came a period of new learning about the universe. At first men of science were condemned, along with their findings. One famous example was Galileo Galilei, the astronomer who reported that Earth revolved around the sun. So the sun was the center of the universe, not Earth.

Maybe the stories of angels (including thrones, see page 34) were told by people who could think of no other way to describe spaceships and aliens than as gods or godlike beings. AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW: THE TREE OF LIFE In the Kabbalah (Jewish mystical teaching) there are ten sefirot, or angels, that rule channels of divine energy. They stand in a tree, and open like roses. Their names mean Foundation, Splendor, Eternity, Beauty, Power, Grace, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, and Crown. The tree is guarded by the angel Sandalphon, whose height is greater than the diameter of the universe.

HE SAW AN ANGEL Eighteenth century Did a dark, shadowy angel show George Washington a vision of the United States, with towns and cities extending “from sea to shining sea”? Ever since the harsh winter of 1777 at Valley Forge, historians have debated whether the father of our country really had such an experience. The angels in each heaven have distinct positions and jobs. Some say there are seven levels of Earth, too, hooked carefully one by one onto the edges of the domes of the heavens. Below all is the abyss of hell, an endless pit.

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