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By Barbara Gombach

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In the course of centuries. the most monstrous chaos. II As quoted by V. S. Sukthankar. " On ~he Meaning of the Mahllbharata, T. C. Parekh Memorial Fund Publication 1 (Bombay: Asiatic Society of Bombay. 1957). 1. See Hermann Oldenburg, Das Mahabharata: seine En~s~ehung, sein Inha7t6 seine Form, Gottingen: Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht. 1922. 19 The German translation of the classical poet Kalidasa's on Wi 11 i am Jones I Engl ish transl ati on of 1789) recei ved consi derably more attenti on in Germany than the MBh story.

A few ancillary stories did receive widespread notice in the West in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They were treated as independent stories that were appreciated for their intrinsic English literary meritr translation of Charles the Wilkins Aakuntala published story in an 1795. Trans 1 at ions into French and German fo 11 owed some 30 years 1 ater. 20 Generat i cns of students in the West have begun their study of Sanskrit with the Nala story. However charmi ng they may have found the tales, many 1SIIThe Mahabharata began its ex; stence as a si mpl e epic narrative.

Paris: Gallimarda 1973# 2 6 3 4 1 {''La geste de Pub1ico1at*) . 54 f i v e former Indras, f f 1 . 1 8 Q 9 1-39) . I n short, he inTorms t h e two f a m i l i e s t h a t DraupadZ i s a goddess, and t h e r e f o r e exempt from t h e r u l e s t h a t apply t o human conduct Many scholars have regarded t h e polyandry as ethno3ogical datum. According t o E. Hopkinsa f o r example, W. since the p r a c t i c e was known t o be common i n northernmost areas o f the subconti nent on the f r i nges o f brahmani c c i v i 1iz a t ion a since -- u n l i k e t h e Kurus e a r l ie r brahmanical probably indicate -- and ..

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