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By this means, their all-too-great authority will be broken. They will be removed if they cannot be properly legitimated, corrected if their correlation with given things be far too superfluous, replaced by others if a new system can be established that we prefer for whatever reason. (Einstein, 1916, p. 102; as cited in Howard, 2004) At the beginning of the 20th century Pierre Duhem famously claimed that physics and science were not expected to provide explanations, but merely descriptions. However, explanations remained in the domain of philosophy (which, concerning quantum theory, was not expected to be separated from physics before 20th century).

Our transcendental strategy, to be introduced in section 1. 4 below, explicitly requires that we look into the commitments that stand behind (as a ‘backing’ of ) the concepts we employ even in everyday communication. In general it might be assumed, though, that through focus on ontological features of explanations we are giving precedence to a particular type of explanation, and with it a general scientific world-view, and thus prejudicing the question to be settled through a more detailed consideration of the case-study instances of quantum theories below.

A constructive theory begins with certain hypothetical elements, the elementary entities in terms of which it attempts to construct models of more complex processes representing the phenomena that we directly observe. e. how to reduce the complex phenomena to the properties and interactions of those entities. The starting point of a principle theory is a set of empirical ‘laws’ or principles which provide unexceptionable generalizations of the directly observable properties of the experienced phenomena.

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