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Delving into domain The domain of a function consists of all the input values of the function. ) In other words, the domain is the set of all numbers that you can input without creating an unwanted or impossible situation. Such situations can occur when operations appear in the definition of the function, such as fractions, radicals, logarithms, and so on. Many functions have no exclusions of values, but fractions are notorious for causing trouble when zeros appear in the denominators. Radicals have restrictions as to what you can find roots of, and logarithms can only deal with positive numbers.

To do so, you introduce the LCD into the problem. The LCD is the smallest number that all the denominators in the problem divide into evenly (such as 2, 3, and 4 all dividing the LCD 12 evenly). To solve an equation using the LCD, you find the common denominator, write each fraction with that common denominator, and then multiply each side of the equation by that same denominator to get a nice fraction-less equation. The new equation is in an easier form to solve. I’ll show you the step-by-step process with this example: Solve for x in .

For the numbers in the domain bigger than 5, the graph has some really high y values and some y values that get really close to 0. But the graph never touches the x-axis, so the function value never really reaches 0. For numbers in the domain smaller than 5, the curve is below the x-axis. These function values are negative — some really small. But, again, the y values never reach 0. So, if you guessed that the range of the function is every real number except 0, you’re right! You write the range as p ≠ 0, or (–∞, 0) , (0, ∞).

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