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Upcasts are considered safe operations because the base class does not contain any properties or methods that are not in the subclass. var myClass:ClassBase = new ClassExtender(); A subclass, however, does contain properties or methods that its base class does not. For example, the ClassExtender class contains the someString property, which does not exist in the ClassBase class. 0, allows you to test whether a variable or expression is a member of a given data type. 0 the instanceof operator should not be used to test for data type membership.

0 are implemented with namespaces, but are not synonymous with them. When you declare a package, you are implicitly creating a special type of namespace that is guaranteed to be known at compile time. Namespaces, when created explicitly, are not necessarily known at compile time. The following example uses the package directive to create a simple package containing one class: package samples { public class SampleCode { public var sampleGreeting:String; public function sampleFunction () { trace (sampleGreeting + " from sampleFunction()"); } } } The name of the class in this example is SampleCode.

Statically typed languages report type errors at compile time, but at the cost of requiring type information to be known at compile time. Compile-time type checking Compile-time type checking is often favored in larger projects because as the size of a project grows, data type flexibility usually becomes less important than catching type errors as early as possible. This is why, by default, the ActionScript compiler in Adobe Flex Builder 2 is set to run in strict mode. You can disable strict mode in Flex Builder 2 through the ActionScript compiler settings in the Project Properties dialog box.

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