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Moment version describes extra positive factors, has increased try out bench modeling part, extra examples explaining constructs and has workouts to each bankruptcy.

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7). Some care is needed when one wants to define the kernel of an endomorphism e of the term algebra. The set fp q 2 Eq. / W the term ep is identical with eqg is a theory of Birkhoff’s consequence B . Not much can be said about the properties of this set when one wants to connect it with a non-trivial quasivariety. We therefore adopt the following definition. 7 Properties of Equational Theories 21 If e W Te ! e/ is called the kernel of the endomorphism e relative to Q. e/ if and only if the equation ep eq is valid in Q.

Then ! 4 is referred to as the structurality of the theorydefined commutator. 5. Let e W Te ! Te be an epimorphism. For any sets of equations X and Y of Eq. Qˆ / ! 20). 3 More on Epimorphisms and the Equationally-Defined Commutator Var is the (infinite) set of individual variables of Te . Var absolutely freely generates the term algebra Te . 46 3 Commutator Equations and the Equationally-Defined Commutator Let e W Te ! , a surjective endomorphism. Then for every x 2 Var, ft 2 Te W et is identical with xg is a non-empty set of variables.

3. ˚; « / is a congruence relation of A. Before passing to presentation of other definitions and theorems we adopt a certain notational convention we shall adhere to throughout the paper. Convention 1. x; y; z; w; u/ W i 2 Ig be a set of commutator equations (in the variables x; y and z; w) for a class K of signature . Let A be an algebra of signature and suppose a; b; c; d; e are sequences of elements of A whose lengths are equal to the length of the strings x; y; z; w; u, respectively. a; b; c; d; e/, for short.

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