A Theory of phonological wieght by Larry M. Hyman PDF

By Larry M. Hyman

With the reissue of this treatise, an instrumental step within the improvement of either moraic phonology and prosodic morphology turns into to be had back. This crucial textual content provides a accomplished remedy of syllable weight in phonology and of its outcomes for weight-related phenomena, providing that the fundamental tier includes weight devices akin to the morals of conventional synchronic and diachronic phonology. Turning to the weird Gokana language of Nigeria, that can lack syllables solely, Hyman argues that the proposed moraic representations can even be utilized to many it sounds as if syllable-based phenomena without syllables.

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723): “While it may be true that only one in a thousand men who physically abuse their wives goes on to kill her, if a wife is found murdered and the husband is suspect, the evidence of abuse is certainly worth considering”. Predictively, the argument from the premise of known abuse to the conclusion of murder may be weak. But as one bit of evidence in a case where the wife has been found murdered and the husband is suspect, the same argument retroductively (going from the known facts as premises back to a conclusion about something that supposedly happened in the past) is definitely relevant and important.

The aim of the analysis advanced in this book is to get beyond this apparently individualistic approach by providing a framework in which the evidential backing needed to support one judgment of character as opposed to another, is shown to have a logical structure. At present there is no known logical method of criticizing the extremes of panegyric and character assassination, when trying to evaluate ethical conclusions that have been arrived at about a person’s character. Neither panegyric nor character assassination can really be refuted or criticized on any basis that has a clear epistemological structure.

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