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What was behind this betrayal of Jefferson’s promise to help France regain the colony? ” Talleyrand’s wall of brass was still alive and well in the French vision of a regained colonial empire. The article created a sensation when it reached the United States. Federalist newspapers called Jefferson’s administration weak and naive. They were doing nothing about this looming threat of a hostile Napoleonic France. It made the Jeffersonians’ policy of reducing the country’s army and navy look more idiotic with every passing day.

Qxd 4/15/03 50 9:12 AM Page 50 THE LOUISIANA PURCHASE toward the United States. ” Pichon urged Talleyrand, and by implication Napoleon, to pay more attention to the reports he kept sending them of the United States’ amazing growth. ” In Europe, meanwhile, the ingenious Minister Plenipotentiary Livingston had developed another angle of attack. When rumors swirled through Paris of how badly things were going in the conquest of Santo Domingo, the New York grandee wrote an unctuously sympathetic letter to Talleyrand, expressing his concern that General Leclerc’s wife, Napoleon’s beautiful sister, Pauline, was being exposed to the unhealthy climate of the island during the hot season.

Someone in Paris was very close to incompetent. When Pichon sought help from Secretary of State Madison, he found himself answering difficult questions: Why was the French army so large? qxd 4/15/03 9:10 AM Page 29 THE GAME BEGINS 29 explained the first consul’s plans before the expedition sailed? He also mentioned the report from Tobias Lear that part of the army was destined for Louisiana. Was that true? Pichon stoutly maintained that he had no information about French plans for Louisiana, which was true as far as it went.

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