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By Samuel J. Lomonaco, Jr.

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Chau, Quantum computers render quantum key distribution unconditionally secure over arbitrarily long distance, quant-ph/9803006. [86] Mayers, Dominic, Unconditionally Secure Quantum Bit Commitment is Impossible, Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, (1997), p3414-3417. [87] Mayers, Dominic, Crypto’96, p343. 51 [88] Mayers, Dominic, and Andrew Yao, Quantum cryptography with imperfect apparatus, quant-ph/9809039. [89] Mayers, Dominic, Unconditional security in quantum cryptography, quant-ph/9802025. , Paul C. van Oorschot, and Scott A.

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The tensor product8 H ⊗ K of two Hilbert spaces H and K is simply the “simplest” Hilbert space such that 8 Readers well versed in homological algebra will recognize this informal definition as a slightly disguised version of the more rigorous universal definition of the tensor product. For more details, please refer to [37], or any other standard reference on homological algebra. 33 1) (h1 + h2 ) ⊗ k = h1 ⊗ k + h2 ⊗ k, for all h, h1, h2 ∈ H and for all k, k1 , k2 ∈ K, and 2) h ⊗ (k1 + k2 ) = h ⊗ k1 + h ⊗ k2 for all h, h1 , h2 ∈ H and for all k, k1 , k2 ∈ K.

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