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By Barbara Shaw McKinney

This e-book is a year-after-year favourite with academics. It engagingly leads readers world wide following a drop of water - no matter if as steam or snow, inside of a plant or animal, or underground - instructing the wonders and significance of the water cycle. (There is a lot of geography, too.) 4 pages of technology concerning the characteristics of water are integrated.

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The Green Machine Water keeps our Earth green and healthy! Seeds need water to sprout and become plants. Water usually flows down, but plants draw it up through roots, stems, and tree trunks! Like a magic potion, it dissolves vitamins from the soil, transports them up into the plant, and works with sunshine to make food in the leaves. When its job is done, it’s breathed out through little holes under the leaves as vapor in a process called transpiration. When plants need new water, they beg for a drink by drooping.

Condensing Cold Cooler temperature slows them down again and the molecules condense to a liquid— as rain, dew, or drops on the side of your cold glass. This is the mist you might see early in the morning either when cool air hits warmer air near the ground, or warm air hits cooler air close to the ground, depending on the season. The tiny droplets are quickly burned off when the sun warms them and they evaporate. The steamy rainforest cycles lots of water, round and round beneath its canopy, so there’s lots of condensed water vapor in the air, appearing as mist.

For this reason, deep sea divers must wear special equipment to withstand the great weight pressing down on them. The weight of water at 300 feet down is ten times heavier than at the surface. In the deepest parts of the ocean a piece of wood might actually compress to half its size under the tremendous pressure. Imagine how heavy the water in a waterfall must be! That’s why the weight of rushing water is used to turn generators that make electricity. The next time you turn on a light, consider that water may be its secret source!

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