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As two organizations merge occasions inevitably arise when managers have to select staff for a new project or post. When they favour staff from their old company, even if trying not to, that is branding. You may say they are simply choosing those they know best or know they can trust. Fine, but that is branding. Here are some examples of people who are easily branded: students, young people, the over-50s; ex-forces personnel and ex-civil servants; headquarters staff; field staff. ' 58 58 Promotion You are already branded to some degree.

Appearance Always try to look the part or slightly above it. In other words dress to suit the image of the successful person doing your job, or slightly better. Knowing what this image is can sometimes be difficult. If you were going to an interview for a new job you would automatically dress to suit your image of the new position. Take note of how those senior to you dress and decide if you would like to imitate them. As in other areas, imitate the best if you are going to imitate anyone. In Hong Kong in the 1980s, then a British colony, some Chinese bankers dressed in pin-striped suits, wore bowler hats and carried rolled umbrellas.

Conclusion Use the PEST analysis and Porter's five forces to think about your own position, your company's prosperity in its market and you in your market. See yourself as a seller, supplying a buyer in competition with others, in a market where there could be potential new ntrants or threatening substitutes. 29 29 30 Minutes . . To Market Yourself Identify the main issues. Summarize them in simple terms as opportunities and threats. What is happening in your market? 30 30 5 ANALYSING YOUR PRODUCT When analysing your product you need: details of what it is now, but in more depth than you have had before – your achievements and skills; a definition of what you want it to become in response to the changing market, as learned from the PEST and Porter's analyses – your Mk2; a plan of how you will move from one to the other – your development plan.

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